Why are there still increasing numbers of asylum claims in Canada?

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asylum claims in Canada

Why are there still increasing numbers of asylum claims in Canada? In March, Roxham Road, a pathway used by many asylum seekers to enter Canada, had been closed. However, Canada has still processed over 80,000 asylum applications this year. 

This is partly due to expedited visa processing and more straightforward asylum claims at airports in Montreal and Toronto. Immigration offices in Ontario and Quebec also receive inland claimants who entered Canada legally or illegally. 

Part of the answer, it appears, is that Montreal and Toronto’s international airports have become magnets for asylum seekers. According to Radio-Canada, immigration officials secretly implemented a new policy to speed temporary visa processing, including eliminating the requirement for applicants to provide proof that they will leave Canada at the end of their stay. This is said to have made it simpler for persons who would typically struggle to get tourist visas to enter and then claim asylum upon arrival. This is in contrast to decades of policy characterized by strict visa requirements and airline penalties for passengers boarding with fake documents.

Recently released statistics also show that immigration offices in Ontario and Quebec are receiving a large number of inland claimants: migrants who entered Canada legally or illegally and then applied for asylum; this was already happening when Roxham Road was open; in 2022, Canada received another 50,000 asylum claims from migrants who were already in the country; and the situation is similar so far this year.

Asylum seekers come to Canada for its generous treatment and benefits. Still, the top source countries for migrants needing protection are Mexico and India, which are not in political upheaval or armed conflict.

What are the benefits of asylum claims in Canada?

Asylum seekers want to come to Canada because it is a wealthy country with unrivaled treatment, including generous benefits and almost-guaranteed citizenship for those granted protection; in many other regions, they frequently receive inadequate food and shelter and exist precariously at the mercy of host governments. However, the influx of claims in Canada is not always tied to worldwide patterns. Despite the fact that Syria, Ukraine, and Afghanistan are the leading source countries for migrants seeking international protection, Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board says that Mexico is our top source this year, with India ranking fifth.

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