Which Express Entry candidates are most likely to receive an Invitation to Apply?

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Express Entry candidates

The Canadian Government released data on Express Entry candidates who most often have received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. The data, covering January to September 2023, showed 53,455 ITAs issued. Express Entry manages applications for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, and part of the Provincial Nominee Program. 

Important Factors for the Express Entry Candidates

Factors considered for express entry candidates included ITAs by program, province, score, age, and occupation. Most successful were Canadian Experience Class applicants in their 20s, often software engineers planning to live in Ontario. By program, 45% of ITAs went to the CEC, 30% to FSWP, and 26% to the PNP. Almost half of all ITA recipients planned to reside in Ontario, followed by British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.

Program: When the number of candidates in each of the three programs run by the Express Entry system is broken down, the majority of invitations were sent to CEC candidates. About 45%, or 23,910, ITAs were given to candidates from this program.

 Express Entry Draws 2023

Between January and September of this year, FSWP candidates were given approximately 30% of all Express Entry ITAs (15,855 ITAs), while PNP candidates were given roughly 26% (13,655 ITAs). During these nine months, there were no ITAs for FSTP candidates.

Province: Approximately half of all ITAs were given to applicants who intended to go to Ontario. Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Alberta were the next three provinces in order of the total number of ITAs.

CRS Score: Approximately 50% of the candidates obtained an ITA based on their CRS score between 451 and 500, whereas very few candidates scored higher than 600.

Age: With 28,970 candidates in their 20s, the age range of 19–29 comprised the majority of candidates who received ITAs.

Occupation: NOC 21231: Across all three programs, software engineers and designers were the most popular occupations in Canada. Software engineers and designers and information system analysts and consultants were among the most popular job titles.

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