The number of job vacancies in Canada’s healthcare sector reaches an all-time high

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A recent report from Statistics Canada showed that there are more healthcare job vacancies than ever before. 

In August of 2022, there were 152,000 vacant healthcare and social assistance positions. Immigrants fill many healthcare positions in Canada. 

In fact, 36% of physicians and 25% of registered nurses were born outside the country. 


However, it can be difficult for foreign-trained medical professionals to get the proper licensing from Canadian authorities, which makes it hard for them to find work in the healthcare system.


Overall, there are around one million open positions in Canada, which is an all-time high rate of 5.7%. The number of open positions that correspond to the overall labor demand is used to measure vacancies.


The Healthcare system of Canada.

One of the richest nations in the world, Canada has a successful economy, a wealth of natural resources, and excellent infrastructure. Progressive leaders in the US, the nation’s southern neighbor, have praised its universal public healthcare system as a better option than the American system, where millions of people remain without healthcare.


Canadian Medicare is a distributed, publically funded, and universal healthcare system. The provinces and territories of the nation are principally responsible for funding and managing health care. Each receives per-capita cash assistance from the federal government as well as its own insurance plan. Benefits and methods of delivery vary. However, all citizens and permanent residents are entitled to free point-of-use hospital and medical treatments. Dental care and prescription outpatient medications are examples of excluded services that some citizens and permanent residents may be required to pay for. For specific groups, provinces and territories offer some coverage. The majority of Canadians—about two-thirds—also have private insurance.


 HealthCare Canada Job Benefits in Canada

Career Perks:

  • Opportunities for Growth
  • access to ongoing education
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Mobility and Job Security

Excellent pay and benefits

Insurance Benefits

Leave Benefits


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