Immigration Ministers Discussed the Future of Canada’s Immigration System

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Canada's Immigration System

Immigration Ministers Discussed the Future of Canada’s Immigration System on July 28, 2022, the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration (FMRI) discussed ways to utilize the immigration system more effectively to satisfy economic and regional demands. Ministers discussed strategies for maximizing the efficiency of Canada’s immigration system. The FMRI also emphasized the importance of reducing immigration processing times and agreed that future short-term measures should be in line with longer-term objectives. 


Additionally, the Ministers considered methods to meet regional demands and boost immigration to Canada’s smaller and rural or remote regions by mapping economic and settlement resources across the country.


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The FMRI investigated the necessity of improving federal immigration processing times. The Ministers reflected on the effect of federal special measures introduced during the pandemic. He also agreed that going forward, short-term immigration strategies have to be consistent with longer-term objectives. 

It will be important to monitor and understand the impacts of current and emerging pressures on the immigration system, such as: 

  • growing demand for housing and 
  • social services, when planning for the future.


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The Honourable Sean Fraser, P.C., M.P., Minister of IRCC, and federal co-chair of the Forum of Ministers responsible for Immigration says, “Immigration is key to addressing labor shortages across our country and I am excited about the productive discussions with the provinces and territories we’ve had here today. As Canada continues to see increased demand from those seeking to live and work in Canada, our governments will continue to work together to ensure our immigration system can withstand the demand and meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our collaborative efforts on immigration will help strengthen our post-COVID economic recovery in the short term while continuing to contribute to local economies and communities in the long term and bring the benefits of immigration from coast to coast.”


What is FMRI?

FMRI means Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration. It is an FPT decision-making body with the goal of supporting a flexible, timely, and effective immigration system for Canada. In 2020, FPT Ministers introduced a vision for immigration to Canada and a mission for the FMRI. 

The vision expresses a coordinated strategic plan for a system and strengthens the positive economic and social benefits of immigration in all provinces of Canada. The FMRI’s mission is to advance joint immigration priorities and improve Canada’s immigration programs and policies.

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