Latest Prince Edward Island PNP Draws invited 75 applicants

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On June 24, 2024, Prince Edward Island conducted a significant invitation round under the latest Prince Edward Island PNP Draws, targeting candidates in the Labor Impact and Express Entry streams. A total of 75 applicants received invitations, marking a notable event in the province’s ongoing efforts to attract skilled workers to support its economic growth.

Highlights of the June 24, 2024, Prince Edward Island PNP Draws

  • Number of Invitations: 75 candidates
  • Streams: Labour Impact and Express Entry
  • Target Sectors: Healthcare, Construction, Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries, Trucking & Transport
  • Work Permits: Focus on candidates with permits expiring before October 2024

This draw was particularly focused on addressing the needs of specific sectors:

Healthcare: Recognizing the crucial role of healthcare workers, PEI PNP targeted professionals in this sector to ensure the community’s well-being and healthcare services’ continuity.

Construction: As Prince Edward Island continues to grow and develop its infrastructure, there is a high demand for skilled construction workers.

Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries, and Trucking & Transport: Candidates in these sectors with work permits set to expire before October 2024 were given priority. This approach aims to prevent potential workforce shortages and maintain stability in these vital industries.

2024 Prince Edward Island PNP Invitation Statistics

So far in 2024, Prince Edward Island has extended invitations to a total of 674 candidates:

  • Labor Impact and Express Entry: 669 candidates
  • Business Stream: 5 candidates

This consistent invitation trend underscores the province’s commitment to attracting skilled workers and entrepreneurs who can contribute to the local economy.

Upcoming PEI PNP Draw

According to the PEI PNP schedule, the next invitation round is set to take place on July 18, 2024. Prospective applicants should ensure their profiles are up-to-date and meet the eligibility criteria for their respective streams to maximize their chances of receiving an invitation.

The latest PEI PNP draw reflects Prince Edward Island’s strategic approach to addressing labor market needs and supporting sectoral growth. By focusing on healthcare, construction, and other critical industries, the province continues to build a robust and resilient economy. Stay tuned for the next draw on July 18, 2024, and keep your applications ready!

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