Prince Edward Island to hire internationally trained nurses in Dubai

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nurses in Dubai

The Prince Edward Island (PEI) officials traveled nearly 10,000 km in March to recruit nurses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. PEI’s director of Workforce Planning, Recruitment, and Pharmaceutical Services states that over 30 nurses are expected to immigrate to the province by early 2024. 

Healthcare authorities across Canada are facing severe labor shortages. In Prince Edward Island, the current job vacancy rate at Health PEI is approximately 20%. As a result of the nursing shortage on Prince Edward Island, many nurses are reluctant to accept additional shifts.

In March, officials from the province’s Office of Immigration and Health P.E.I. interviewed a large number of nurses who had international education in Dubai.

Rebecca Gill, P.E.I.’s acting director of health recruitment said;

“The process was very impactful and very successful. They are excited to visit Prince Edward Island, contribute to our healthcare system, and change the world. They are making a significant effort, so I believe they will continue to keep going in the future.”

Arrival dates will vary due to the continued immigration process, but according to Gill, the majority are anticipated to arrive by the end of this year or in the early months of 2024.


As stated by Tracy Wolbaum, executive director of human resources at the organization, Health P.E.I. is now dealing with a 20% vacancy rate for every category of staff. She stated that a good range for that amount would be five to seven percent.

Additionally, there are about the same amount of full-time and part-time staff members, when there should be seven full-timers for every three part-timers. Part-time employees, according to Wolbaum, have contributed “tremendously” to the workload, but they are unable to be depended upon to agree to take on extra shifts in the same way.

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