Canada to welcome more out-of-status construction workers in the GTA

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out-of-status construction workers

Canada to welcome more out-of-status construction workers in the GTA on January 20, 2023, the Government of Canada announced that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) would create pathways for out-of-status migrants, to help Canadian employers to deal with critical labor shortages in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In 2019, IRCC initiated a pilot program with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), granting permanent residency status to 500 out-of-status workers in the construction industry. 


IRCC is expanding this project by doubling its scope to 1,000 out-of-status individuals. Individuals who meet the requirements have until January 2, 2024, to apply for permanent residence and include their spouses, partners, and dependent children in their application.


This program offers construction workers and their families a pathway to permanent residency so they can stay for an extended period of time. It acknowledges the vital role that construction workers play in the development and progress of our communities. 


This program is just one of several new efforts that have been implemented to address the labor shortages in Canada by ensuring that we attract and retain the workers we need to boost the economy and improve our communities. 


The program encourages greater stability in the construction sector and assures that Canada’s key housing development needs are still fulfilled by skilled workers. In addition, this program will assist in extracting additional workers from the informal sector, which will boost Canada’s well-known programs and services (like the Canada Child Benefit, Old Age Security, and Employment Insurance). 


– The Honourable. Sean Fraser, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Refugees


“By promoting stability in the construction industry and eliminating employees from the underground economy, this pilot program is a significant step forward in addressing critical labor shortages for the Greater Toronto Area. We protect workers and their families in addition to Canada’s labor market and our ability to hire and keep the skilled employees we need to expand our economy and improve our communities by offering regular pathways for out-of-status migrants. This program is evidence of our government’s commitment to coming up with creative methods to increase Canada’s workforce and grow our economy.”


Who is Eligible For the Pilot Program for Out-of-Status Construction Workers?

Candidates with a strong work history in the GTA’s building projects, relatives living in Canada, and a recommendation letter from the CLC also are not prohibited from entering the nation for any other reason than overstaying their visa and participating in illegal work.

In accordance with this government policy, you may apply for permanent residency if you:

  • have no status at the time but entered Canada as a temporary resident
  • live in Canada and have done so for a minimum of five years
  • have put in a minimum of 4,680 hours over the last five years (1 full-time job OR 1 or more part-time jobs OR a combination of full-time and part-time work)


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List of Occupations For Construction Workers Out-Of-Status Pilot Program 

These are the Occupations and NOCs numbers for Construction workers 


NOC 72010 – Contractors and supervisors, machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades and related occupations

NOC 72011 – Contractors and supervisors, electrical trades, and telecommunications occupations

NOC 72012 – Contractors and supervisors, pipefitting trades

NOC 72013 – Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades

NOC 72014 – Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers, and services

NOC 72100 – Machinists and machining and tooling inspectors

NOC 72101 – Tool and die, makers

NOC 72102 – Sheet metal workers

NOC 72103 – Boilermakers

NOC 72104 – Structural metal and plate work fabricators and fitters

NOC 72105 – Ironworkers

NOC 72106 – Welders and related machine operators

NOC 72200 – Electricians (except industrial and power system)

NOC 72201 – Industrial electricians

NOC 72202 – Power system electricians

NOC 72203 – Electrical power line and cable workers

NOC 72204 – Telecommunications line and cable workers

NOC 72205 – Telecommunications installation and repair workers

NOC 72300 – Plumbers

NOC 72301 – Steamfitters, pipefitters, and sprinkler system installers

NOC 72302 – Gas fitters

NOC 72310 – Carpenters

NOC 72311 – Cabinetmakers

NOC 72320 – Bricklayers

NOC 72321 – Insulators

NOC 72020 – Contractors and supervisors, mechanic trades

NOC 72021 – Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews

NOC 72022 – Supervisors, printing, and related occupations

NOC 72023 – Supervisors, railway transport operations

NOC 72024 – Supervisors, motor transport, and other ground transit operators

NOC 72400 – Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics

NOC 72401 – Heavy-duty equipment mechanics

NOC 72402 – Heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning mechanics

NOC 72403 – Railway carmen/women

NOC 72404 – Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors

NOC 72405 – Machine fitters

NOC 72406 – Elevator constructors and mechanics

NOC 72410 – Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics, and mechanical repairers

NOC 72411 – Auto body collision, refinishing, and glass technicians and damage repair estimators

NOC 72420 – Oil and solid fuel heating mechanics

NOC 72421 – Appliance servicers and repairers

NOC 72422 – Electrical Mechanics

NOC 72423 – Motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, and other related mechanics

NOC 72429 – Other small engine and small equipment repairers

NOC 72500 – Crane operators

NOC 72501 – Water well drillers

NOC 72999 – Other technical trades and related occupations

NOC 73100 – Concrete finishers

NOC 73101 – Tilesetters

NOC 73102 – Plasterers, drywall installers and finishers, and lathers

NOC 73110 – Roofers and shinglers

NOC 73111 – Glaziers

NOC 73112 – Painters and decorators (except interior decorators)

NOC 73113 – Floor covering installers

NOC 73200 – Residential and commercial installers and servicers

NOC 73310 – Railway and yard locomotive engineers

NOC 73311 – Railway conductors and brakemen/women

NOC 73400 – Heavy equipment operators

NOC 73401 – Printing press operators

NOC 73402 – Drillers and blasters – surface mining, quarrying, and construction

NOC 75110 – Construction trades helpers and laborers


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