Ontario to start foreign-trained doctor CRP in 2023 via Practice Ready Assessment

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Ontario to start foreign-trained doctor CRP in 2023 via Practice Ready Assessment

Ontario to launch a foreign-trained doctor credential recognition program in 2023 via Practice Ready Assessment (PRA) programs. By next spring, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) could introduce a three-month program to recognize foreign medical credentials in Ontario. This year, the self-governing body for Ontario’s medical professionals submitted a proposal to the province’s Ministry of Health, a 12-week program designed specifically for internationally trained physicians in Ontario. Practice Ready Assessment (PRA) programs in seven Canadian provinces help foreign-trained physicians who have previously finished their training and practiced overseas.


With the help of supervision and direct observation, the CSPO would be able to: 

  • Analyze the qualifications of physicians with foreign education over the course of 12 weeks.
  • Employ competent candidates in underserved populations.
  • Provide these medical professionals with a route to independent licensing.


In its submission to Ontario Health Minister Honourable Sylvia Jones, the CPSO noted that, with government funding and coordination among key system partners, the program could be put into action right away. This would help to start a new supply of internationally trained physicians into the system as early as spring 2023 and onward.


What is Practice Ready Assessment?

The Practice-Ready Assessment (PRA) programs from the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) are available in seven provinces throughout Canada as a path to licensing for foreign medical professionals who have already finished their residency and worked independently abroad. 

Each participating province offers a practice-ready assessment Ontario PRA program where candidates work under supervision and are evaluated over the time of 12 weeks with the aim of obtaining an independent license to practice in Canada. This program is designed to ensure that International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and international physicians possess the clinical knowledge and skills required to provide quality patient care in Canada. With return-of-service commitments providing employment for qualified PRA applicants, the focus is on satisfying requirements in Canada’s rural and remote areas.


How does medicine work in Canada?

According to experts, increasing the number of residencies available to physicians with international training will help to address the issue of a medical labor shortage. An applicant must have successfully finished a bachelor’s degree and graduated from a Canadian-accredited medical school in order to practice medicine in Canada. The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part 1 and the National Assessment Collaboration Examination must be passed by applicants who have just graduated. They must use CaRMS to apply for a post-graduate residency space as well as a work permit for Canada. Through the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canadian Experience Class under Express Entry, doctors can apply for permanent residence in Canada.


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