Nova Scotia invited Early Childhood Educators

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Early Childhood Educators

In the Nova Scotia Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Immigration pilot, Early Childhood Educators who received a letter of interest to participate in the Nova Scotia Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Immigration pilot on December 20, 2022, were invited by The provincial Government of Nova Scotia

Candidates who want to continue this process should contact the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Only those who receive a valid Nova Scotia job offer may immigrate to Nova Scotia as an early childhood educator through the Atlantic Immigration Program or the Nova Scotia Nominee Program Skilled Worker Stream.


Nova Scotia Early Childhood Educators (ECE) Immigration pilot. 

Skill type B is given to Early Childhood Educators (NOC 4214). They work in nurseries, kindergartens, special needs programs, and other places that are similar to childcare centers. Among the many job roles in this profession are:

  • For children between the ages of newborn and 12, early childhood educators design, organize and carry out programs.
  • Under the guidance of early childhood educators, early childhood educator assistants take care of infants and kids from preschool to elementary school.
  • Children are led by early childhood educators and assistants who encourage and promote their growth from all perspectives, physical, and emotional—and who also make sure they are comfortable and protected.

Early childhood educators may work as daycare providers, nursery school teachers, or other related positions in the Canadian labor market.


Atlantic Immigration Program

In order to work and live in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador—skilled foreign workers and international graduates from Canadian universities can apply for permanent residence through the Atlantic Immigration Program. The program helps employers in hiring people that need qualified individuals but can’t be fulfilled locally.


The requirements for the AIP are:

  • Offer of employment from a business recognized by the AIP.
  • legal status in the country of residence and a valid passport.
  • Canadian high school diploma, or a foreign equivalent with an ECA.
  • CLB 5 or higher on a language test in either official language.
  • A reference letter with 1 year of work experience in a field related to Early Childhood Development.
  • the desire to remain permanently in Nova Scotia and to live there.


Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program: Skilled Worker Stream was created to assist employers in finding qualified foreign workers and recent graduate international students. Employers are only allowed to hire foreign workers for positions that they have been unable to fill with Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

The following are the requirements for the Skilled Worker Stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program:

  • a valid job offer from a business situated in Nova Scotia.
  • a passport in good academic standing and legal status inside the country of origin.
  • proof that you passed secondary education in your country of origin.
  • proof of English or French language skills at the CLB 5 level.
  • a letter of reference verifying the applicant’s one-year employment record in a position related to early childhood development.
  • committed to residing in Nova Scotia and ultimately settling there permanently.


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