The Government of Canada announced a new policy to help foreign workers enhance their skills

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new policy to help foreign workers

On June 27, 2023, Canada introduced a new policy to help foreign workers that allows temporary foreign workers without a study permit to pursue longer study programs. This measure allows foreign workers to pursue additional training and education to enhance their careers and future job prospects. 

The measure applies to those who hold a valid work permit or have applied to renew their work permit on or before June 7, 2023, and are authorized to work. Under this new measure, foreign workers can study full-time or part-time without restrictions on the length of the program until the policy expires, which is three years.

Foreign workers will have the chance to seek extra training and education that will benefit them in their careers starting right away. Additionally, this policy will improve job prospects for foreign workers as well as their chances of settling here permanently. Foreign workers could previously work while they studied, but only in programs last 6 months or less. They have to apply for a second study permit for longer programs. For people who want to advance their education and acquire more training, especially those who need to upskill or confirm their international credentials through specific programs, this has been a barrier.

The policy will increase the job opportunities available to foreign workers. Additionally, it will increase their chances of moving to permanent residence by raising their Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) through further study or by acquiring relevant work experience.


The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship statement about the new policy to help foreign workers:

“Temporary foreign workers are vital to the Canadian economy, and many of them have goals that extend well beyond the job opportunities that initially brought them here. With this policy in place, we intend to give foreign nationals the resources they need to develop their skills and realize their aspirations while also supplying a potential future talent pool for our labor market. By removing obstacles to skill development, we allow more foreign-trained doctors to assist in caring for our loved ones and supporting our healthcare system. We also strengthen our communities, construct new houses, and give construction workers a path to becoming professionals.

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