Canada held a new Express Entry draw for Francophone candidates

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new Express Entry draw for Francophone

On July 8, 2024, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted a new Express Entry draw for Francophones. In this round, known as round #302, IRCC issued 3,200 Invitations to Apply (ITA) to francophone candidates. 

Key Details of the new Express Entry Draw for Francophone #302

  • Number of ITAs Issued: 3,200
  • Cut-off CRS Score: 420 points
  • Previous Draw Cut-off Score: 410 points (held on April 24, 2024)
  • Highest CRS Score for 2024: This draw marked the highest Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of the year for francophone candidates.
  • Tie-breaking Rule: May 30, 2024, at 03:37:43 UTC

The cut-off score of 420 points is a notable increase of ten points compared to the previous draw for this category, indicating a competitive pool of candidates. This round’s CRS score is also the highest seen in 2024 for the francophone category, highlighting the growing interest and qualification levels of French-speaking applicants.

As of July 2, 2024, there were 222,547 profiles registered in the Express Entry pool. This large number of profiles underscores the popularity and competitiveness of Canada’s immigration programs.

Year-to-Date Express Entry ITAs

Canada has issued a total of 53,124 ITAs through various Express Entry draws in 2024. Of these, 15,600 ITAs were specifically for candidates with French language proficiency. This emphasis on francophone candidates aligns with Canada’s goal to increase French-speaking immigrants outside of Quebec, promoting linguistic diversity and supporting the vitality of francophone communities across the country.

Why French Language Proficiency Matters?

The Canadian government values French language proficiency for several reasons:

  • Linguistic Diversity: Promoting bilingualism and supporting francophone communities outside of Quebec.
  • Economic Contribution: Francophone immigrants bring valuable skills and contribute to the Canadian economy.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Enhancing the cultural fabric of Canada with diverse linguistic backgrounds.

$137.2 million over a five-year period is set out in the Official Languages Action Plan 2023–2028 to encourage Francophone immigration to Canada. The initiative uses a new Francophone immigration plan with other stages throughout the immigration scale. The funds are an extra investment to go along with the $84.3 million in ongoing support from earlier action plans.

The latest Express Entry draw for francophone candidates demonstrates Canada’s commitment to attracting French-speaking immigrants. With a significant number of ITAs issued and a higher CRS cut-off score, this draw highlights the importance of French language proficiency in the Canadian immigration landscape.

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