IRCC revised the minimum required income for Super Visa applications

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Super Visa Processing Times 

On May 2, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) updated the minimum required income for the Super Visa applications. The new minimum income requirement represents an increase of over 3.33% compared to the previous year. 

The minimum required income for a single-person family unit is C$27,514, while the minimum required income for a two-person family unit is C$34,254. 

The Super Visa allows Canadian permanent residents and citizens to invite their parents and grandparents to come to Canada for a stay of up to five years, possibly extending their visit to another two years.

Overview of the Super Visa Canada Income Requirement 2023

Details of Canada’s super Visa Requirements for 2023 and Old Gross Income Requirement for 2022 are listed in the table below

Size of Family

New Minimum Gross Income Requirement for 2023 Old Gross Income Requirement for 2022
1 person (your child or grandchild) $27,514


2 persons

$34,254 $33,140
3 persons $42,100


4 persons

$51,128 $49,466
5 persons $57,988


6 persons

$65,400 $63,276
7 persons $72,814


More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add




Canada Super Visa Processing Times

Processing times for Canada Super Visas typically vary depending on the nation of citizenship of the parents or grandparents you are submitting an application.

The following list of countries’ timetables for New Canada patrons is based on the most recent IRCC processing times update on May 2, 2023:

Parents’ or Grandparents’ Super Visa Varies by country

India: 55 Days

Nigeria: 708 Days

United States: 125 Days

Pakistan: 309 Days

Philippines: 203 Days

UAE: 640 Days

Bangladesh: 206 Days

Sri Lanka: 239 Days

United Kingdom: 190 Days

– 17 Days for India

+ 8 Days for Nigeria

– 4 Days for the United States

– 109 Days for Pakistan

– 1 Day for the Philippines

+ 42 Days for UAE

– 14 Days for Bangladesh

– 68 Days for Sri Lanka

+ 27 Days for the UK

In the previous six months, 80% of applications had processing times that were comparable to these. However, depending on individual profiles, processing your application may take less or more time.

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What is a Super Visa?

A super visa is a temporary visa that allows grandparents and parents to live in Canada with their families. It also allows for multiple entries that are valid for ten years. As a result, grandparents and parents who are granted a super visa can stay in Canada for five years without having to reapply.

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