Manitoba to create an advisory council to develop an economic immigration strategy

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Manitoba is developing a plan to increase economic immigration through its new Advisory Council on Economic Immigration and Settlement (ACEIS). The province is focused on addressing labor shortages, encouraging economic development, and supporting its francophone population. 

Strategy of the Manitoba Advisory Council

The Council recommended a strategy to attract more immigrants and business investors, streamline the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, and improve newcomer retention. Manitoba has already taken steps to meet these goals, including: 

  • requesting additional MPNP allocations, 
  • conducting targeted EOI draws, and 
  • doubling the investment in the Newcomer Community Integration Support Program. 

The ACEIS vice-chair is committed to implementing the Council’s recommendations and targeting labor market shortages in Manitoba. The province is confident its efforts will contribute to economic growth through immigration.

Manitoba PNP Invitation latest draws updates

Advisory Council on Economic Immigration and Settlement (ACEIS)

The Government of Manitoba created the Advisory Council on Economic Immigration and Settlement (ACEIS) with the release of the Immigration Advisory Council (IAC) report in February 2023 to assist in the implementation of the report’s recommendations. The Council will pay close attention to the following as it makes recommendations on a comprehensive, multi-sector strategy for economic immigration and settlement:

  • meeting the province’s capital region’s and other regions’ specific employment demands; 
  • promoting economic growth outside the capital region; and 
  • maintaining and growing Manitoba’s francophone population.

The Council will be made up of up to 12 community representatives that represent the diverse regional, economic, and cultural diversity of Manitoba. Members’ terms will be for 12 months, from June 2023 to June 2024.


About the Manitoba Immigration Advisory Council (IAC)

The Manitoba Immigration Advisory Council (IAC) was established in February 2022 and serves as a professional council to suggest changes to the present immigration laws and programs.

The council, which will be co-chaired by Dr. Lloyd Axworthy and the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills, and Immigration, will examine all aspects of immigration, from recruitment to retention of arrivals. The Manitoba government will receive definite suggestions from it, along with steps it might take to strengthen the Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement, such as exploring the prospect of adding new annexes or memoranda of understanding. The council’s priorities include:

  • building on promotion to bring in additional business investors and immigration;
  • enhancing the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, particularly in terms of striking the ideal balance between the region’s regional labor market, economic development, and community requirements; and
  • Promoting Manitoba’s programs and services for settlement and integration as well as those for the recognition of foreign credentials in order to promote labor market integration, enhance the recognition of foreign credentials, and support immigrant retention.

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