New Announcement from Manitoba Immigration Advisory Council to help support Immigration

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New Announcement from Manitoba Immigration Advisory council to help support Immigration

Manitoba’s Immigration Advisory Council is looking for ways to improve the province’s immigration policies. The newly-established Immigration Advisory Council in Manitoba has already begun to prepare for ways to improve the province’s immigration laws and policies. The advisory council was formed in late February and is led by World Refugee Council chair Dr. Lloyd Axworthy and Manitoba Immigration Minister Jon Reyes

The council plans to promote Manitoba and attract more immigrants to the province, streamline the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, and foster Manitoba’s settlement and integration programs, services, and foreign credential recognition programs, to attract more immigrants and boost immigrant retention.

Basically, the members of Manitoba’s newly created Immigration Advisory Council are already rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to find ways to improve the Prairie province’s immigration policies and procedures.

The chair Dr. Lloyd Axworthy said, “This group has been made up of individuals with expertise related to immigration services, economic development, governance, analysis, project management, and community integration,”. “I know they will provide clear recommendations and concrete actions to the Manitoba government later this year and I’m excited to begin this work.”

The focus of the advisory council includes:

  • streamlining the Manitoba PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), especially with regards to setting the right balance between the province’s regional labor market, economic development, and community needs; 
  • Building on promotion to attract and recruit more immigrants and business investors to the province; and
  • Fostering Manitoba’s settlement and integration programs and services, as well as foreign credential recognition programs, to encourage labor market attachment, improve foreign credential recognition and bolster immigrant retention.

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