Latest Updates on the AAIP inventory

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Updates on the AAIP inventory

On June 20, 2023, Alberta published the Latest Updates on the AAIP inventory. According to the new update, there were around 

  • 676 Alberta Opportunity Stream applications, 
  • 245 Rural Renewal Stream applications, 
  • 216 Accelerated Tech Pathway applications, 
  • 217 Family Connection Stream applications, 
  • 76 applications from priority sectors, and 
  • less than ten applications under the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allocated a quota of 9,750 nominations to Alberta for 2023 under the AAIP. This year, Alberta invited 584 candidates and issued 5,007 nomination certificates.

Application volumes and processing Updates on the AAIP inventory

You can find out how long it takes AAIP to process a whole application for each AAIP stream or pathway by looking for common processing times, dates, and application volumes. “Assessing” indicates that an AAIP officer has been tasked with evaluating an application to figure out whether it qualifies.

The following are the primary factors taken into consideration when processing AAIP applications:

  • completeness, eligibility, outdated information, or documents in the application. 
  • applications received in number.
  • the day when the application was submitted.
  • strategic priorities based on data on the labor market and economic growth.
  • how many nomination certificates are still valid for the year?

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A list of allocations for 2023 by AAIP stream or pathway

Non-Express Entry Streams – Allocations 4,875Expected allocation
Alberta Opportunity Stream4,240
Rural Renewal Stream630
All (4) Entrepreneur streams5
Express Entry Stream and Pathways – Allocations 4,875
Family Connection and Occupation in Demand1,219
Accelerated Tech Pathway1,219
Dedicated Healthcare Pathway1,462
Sector Priorities (that is, construction, agriculture, hospitality, and tourism)975
Total allocations:9,750

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