IRCC fastens the processing of spousal TRVs, helping more families reunite

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processing of spousal TRVs

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have fastened the processing of spousal TRVs to just 30 days for applicants who have already applied for permanent residency in Canada. This means that applicants no longer need to wait in their home countries for IRCC to make a decision but can instead come to Canada and wait for the processing to be completed. 

As a result, Canadians or permanent residents with spouses and dependents abroad can be reunited with their families faster and begin settling in their communities. However, it is essential to note that spouses and dependents on a TRV can only work or study in Canada once they are approved for permanent residence or obtain a work or study permit.

Families must stay together, particularly through important life events like relocating to a new country. This is why Canada is trying to make it easier for families to reconnect and sustain themselves once they reach. This basically means that Canadians and permanent residents with spouses and dependents living overseas will be able to connect with them more quickly and start settling into their new homes. 


Processing of spousal TRVs

As an approach to helping families to spend more time together while they wait for their permanent residency to be approved, Honorable Minister Sean Fraser proposed faster processing of spousal temporary resident visas (TRVs) processing and considerate application processes. 

In the future, the majority of these applications will be processed within a 30-day period, and applicants will get access to processing procedures suited to their circumstances as spouses and dependents. These new tools have already been used to process multiple applications. There has been a 93% approval rate among this set of applicants.

New initiatives to support family reunions were announced by the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, along with the Honourable Hedy Fry, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre, Including:

  • Faster processing times for temporary residents visa (TRV) for spouses
  • tools for processing new and specific spousal TRV applications.
  • a new open work permit for candidates under the family and spousal classes.
  • extensions for open work permit holders with permits expiration between August 1 and the end of 2023

Lastly, Minister Fraser declared that open work permit holders, including spousal applicants, who have open work permit expirations between August 1 and the end of 2023, will be allowed to extend their work visas for an additional 18 months. 

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