IRCC announced the International Experience Canada IEC 2023 Program opening date

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On December 1, 2022, Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), announced a 20% increase in the 2023 International Experience Canada (IEC) Program, which will open on January 9, 2023. 


The IEC Program in Canada allows foreign youth from 36 partner countries to come and work or travel in Canada for two years. The ages that are eligible for the program range from 18 to 35, but this number may differ depending on which country the individual is coming from.


Most Honorable Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Sean Fraser stated:

“Our government is supporting more foreign youth in working and traveling in Canada, so helping employers, namely those in the tourism sector, in filling open positions. In particular, in regions like Banff that need seasonal labor, we are growing our economy and helping our businesses by providing youth with the chance to experience international travel and employment.”


The statement of The Honourable Minister of Women, Gender Equality, and Youth Marci Ien:

“Youth from other countries contribute so much to our nation. International youngsters benefit communities across Canada by building cross-cultural relationships and helping our businesses in growing. The announcement made today will help the tourism sector, which needs to address labor shortfalls, while also giving young people the chance to learn about Canadian cultures, languages, and societies.


International Experience Canada (IEC)

Youths can travel and work in Canada for up to two years through International Experience Canada (IEC). 

Working Holiday: 

IEC participants in this stream “receive an open work permit that allows them to work anywhere in the host country” as a means of “supporting their travels.”

International Co-op (Internship):

Participants in this IEC stream receive a work permit that is customized to their business. Students can get specialized work experience in their subject of study with the help of this targeted work permit.

Young Professionals:

Like those in the international co-op stream, participants in this IEC program stream also get an employer-specific work permit. However, the experience these students obtain is intended to help them pursue their selected career path in addition to allowing them to “gain targeted, professional work experience that is within their field of study.”


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