Manitoba is working to ease barriers for internationally-educated nurses

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internationally-educated nurses

Manitoba’s Immigration Minister Malaya Marcelino is working to ease accreditation for internationally-educated nurses in the province. Marcelino, who took over the immigration portfolio a month ago, is responding to calls from these nurses across Canada. 

The Manitoba government successfully welcomed hundreds of foreign healthcare professionals after a Philippines mission, with over 300 now working as nurses or health aides across the province. 

Manitoba Health Minister Audrey Gordon reiterated their commitment to health system improvement and patient care access. Over 300 candidates who passed interviews during a recruitment mission to the Philippines accepted job offers and have started arriving in Manitoba.

Monika Warren, Shared Health’s chief nursing officer, expressed confidence that the new hires will be able to overcome any immigration and licensing issues. 

“We chose candidates we thought would be successful.” “There were some candidates who were screened out, and some who we didn’t even interview because we felt they had too big a hill to climb, as it were,” she said at a news conference on Tuesday.

According to Warren, health officials noticed that half of the new hires have family connections in Manitoba, so the province attempted to place them in communities where they had friends and/or family. 

She also stated that they will be assigned mentors at work and will be assisted in finding accommodations. 

Canada is attracting more internationally educated healthcare professionals

Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan had the highest percentage of internationally educated healthcare professionals (IEHPs) working in their fields in 2021, with 74%, 68%, and 67%, respectively. 

Ontario had attracted the most significant number of IEHPs, with 116,310 residing there in 2021. IEHPs were most likely to be nurses, with one-third studying nursing. 

The fields of study varied by province, with:

  • Prince Edward Island has the highest percentage of IEHPs studying nursing at 53%, 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador has 30% trained to be physicians, and 
  • Ontario has the highest proportion of IEHPs studying dentistry at 10% or pharmacy at 9%.

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