International nurses are welcome to work in NB healthcare system

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NB healthcare system

International nurses are welcome to work in the NB healthcare system. At Loch Lomond Villa in Saint John on January 30, 2024, Health Minister Bruce Fitch of New Brunswick celebrated the contributions of nurses with international education. The Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to expanding the workforce in the healthcare sector and highlighted the importance of nursing recruitment.

Over 180 job offers have been accepted from a recruitment mission in the Philippines, and since 2021, over 500 internationally educated nurses, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and healthcare aides, have been recruited. 

Over 200 are already employed in the province, with others undergoing the immigration process. The process to become licensed in New Brunswick has been expedited for nurses from 14 countries. These nurses can work in support positions before becoming licensed.

Canada supports 6,600 foreign-trained health professionals to work there

Canada accelerates accreditation for foreign health professionals. The Canadian Government assists 6,600 internationally trained health professionals to work in Canada by providing $86 million for credential recognition. The funding will be allocated to 15 different organizations to improve foreign credential recognition in key health professions. The 15 funded projects that span the country will:

  • Reduce barriers to foreign credential recognition for IEHPs by improving recognition processes, simplifying credential recognition steps, and providing increased field practice opportunities.
  • Provide IEHPs with relevant Canadian work experience in their chosen fields, as well as wrap-around services such as childcare and transportation, mentoring, and coaching.
  • Facilitate labor mobility between Canadian jurisdictions for health professionals and IEHPs, decreasing systemic and administrative barriers for health professionals who want to work in another jurisdiction.

This investment will help highly educated and skilled immigrants gain proper recognition for their international credentials. This investment, for example, will allow internationally trained midwives to take their exams virtually, even before arriving in Canada. 

The move is in response to Canada’s labor shortages and increasing demand for health workers. The new investment will simplify the credential recognition process and provide Canadian work experience for internationally trained health professionals. The funding is part of Canada’s long-term plan to improve healthcare, with a total investment of over $200 billion planned over the next decade.

Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals IEHPs

The Province of New Brunswick has made it a top priority to attract, support, and retain qualified healthcare professionals. With employment opportunities available in both official languages (English and French), various provincial departments and employers in a variety of healthcare settings collaborate closely to ensure a well-trained and experienced workforce.

For applicants who received their education outside of Canada, the steps to becoming licensed to practice in their chosen healthcare field can take a significant amount of time and resources.  Recognizing that many applicants may require assistance in achieving this, the provincial Department of Health provides a range of navigation services to internationally trained healthcare professionals.

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