Canada closed the International Experience Canada program season 2023

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International Experience Canada program season 2023

On October 27, 2023, the Government of Canada announced that IRCC closed the International Experience Canada program season 2023. Those who received an invitation to apply (ITA) will be able to complete and submit their work permit applications. Profiles of those who have not received an ITA for the 2023 IEC season will be removed from the IEC pool. Those applicants can create a new profile when the pools reopen for the 2024 season.

If you have not yet received an ITA for the 2023 season, Your profile will be removed from consideration. When the pools reopen for the 2024 season, you can create a new profile. Your account and GCkey remain active. You do not need to set up a new account or obtain a new GC key.

How do the IEC Pools work?

In most cases, your profile will remain in the pool until:

  • you are invited to apply for a work permit
  • IRCC needs to remove all profiles from the pool(s) at the end of the season or you will not be eligible for IEC.

You can only have one IEC profile active at any given time. You may, however, be eligible for more than one IEC pool.

When you finish your profile, IRCC will notify you of the pools that are available to you. You can send your information to any of the available pools. You might be able to submit your profile to the Working Holiday and Young Professionals pools, for example.

Overview of the International Experience Canada program  season 2023

90,000 newcomers from over 30 eligible countries were allowed to enter the IEC 2023 season at the beginning of this IEC season 2023, with additional quotas being added as needed.

In all three categories, over 130,000 individuals from qualified countries received invitations to the IEC 2023 season.

With 118,733 open work permit invitations issued this year, the IEC Working Holiday visa category has been issued the most.

With a quota of 61,770 youngsters from more than 33 eligible countries for 2023, this is the largest category in the IEC.

This year, 8,235 closed work permit invitations were sent out under the Young Professionals category, compared to just 4,573 under the International Co-op (Internship), the least common category.

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