IRCC increases the number of resettlement openings for human rights defenders

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human rights defenders

On July 25, 2023, IRCC announced expanding the global human rights defenders stream, increasing the number of resettlement spaces for human rights defenders and their families from 250 to 500. 

This initiative reflects Canada’s dedication to providing a safe haven for those who risk their lives for fundamental freedoms and its proud tradition of responding to the needs of vulnerable people. Canada clearly states its commitment to supporting and protecting human rights defenders facing persecution by expanding the global refugee stream. 

As part of this commitment, Canadian civil society organizations will work together in the coming months to develop a temporary protection pathway for human rights defenders in need.


Human rights defenders and the role of Canada

Human rights defenders (HRDs) are active all over the world and are essential for promoting and protecting human rights on a global level. HRDs are increasingly at risk of violence, frequently the targets of threats and violations, frequently forced to leave their homes out of fear of attack and reprisal, and on occasion are not even allowed to return home. Due to their intersecting identities, members of vulnerable and marginalized groups are particularly at risk.

Defenders of human rights strive to create inclusive, democratic nations that foster a peaceful, prosperous global community. Canada has a proud and lengthy history of attending to the needs of those who are vulnerable. 

Canada hosted more than 47,500 refugees from more than 80 countries in 2022, making Canada the top resettlement country in the world for the fourth consecutive year. One of the first countries to provide a special, permanent pathway for HRDs was Canada. 

The ministerial mandate commitment is carried out through the extension of the global refugee stream for HRDs and the engagement with civil society organizations, which demonstrates Canada’s commitment to helping and protecting HRDs in need.

As part of its commitment to HRDs, Canada will also re-engage with Canadian civil society groups in the coming months about creating a temporary protection pathway for those HRDs who need it. 

The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship stated:

“Canada firmly believes that a just society’s cornerstone is the protection of human rights. Canada continues to reinforce its position as a worldwide leader in advancing human rights and protecting people who uphold them as the globe suffers from a number of human rights issues. In order to ensure that people who fight for justice are not engaged in their fight alone, we are tripling the number of resettlement spaces we offer for human rights advocates. Together, we’ll keep fighting for human rights and promoting an atmosphere in which people may speak up without fear of reprisal. We request more focused protective measures from our international partners, other resettlement countries, and advocates.”

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