IRCC held a new General Express Entry Draw 290 and invited 1,980 ITAs

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Express Entry Draw 290

On March 25, 2024, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued invitations to candidates in the new  Express Entry draw 290. In this round, 1,980 invitations to apply (ITAs) were sent out in the General Express Entry draw #290. 

Candidates are required to get a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 524. Notably, this CRS threshold was one point lower compared to the previous general draw, indicating a slightly less competitive environment for prospective immigrants.

The tie-breaking rule for Express Entry draw #290 was set for February 25, 2024, at 14:42:38 UTC. This rule serves to prioritize candidates who submitted their profiles before a specified date and time, ensuring fairness in the selection process. As of March 24, 2024, the Express Entry pool boasted a total of 211,962 registered profiles, highlighting the substantial interest among skilled individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada.

With the issuance of 1,980 ITAs in draw #290, the total number of invitations issued through 12 Express Entry draws in 2024 has reached 25,195. These figures underscore Canada’s proactive approach to welcoming skilled workers and their families, thereby enriching the country’s diverse communities and contributing to its economic growth.

The latest Express Entry draw #290, conducted by IRCC, marks another significant step in Canada’s ongoing efforts to attract skilled immigrants. With 1,980 invitations issued and a slightly lower CRS score requirement, eligible candidates have been provided with an opportunity to pursue their dreams of Canadian permanent residency. As the year progresses, IRCC’s commitment to facilitating immigration through the Express Entry system remains unwavering, signaling promising prospects for skilled individuals worldwide.

For individuals aspiring to immigrate to Canada, staying informed about the latest Express Entry draws and eligibility criteria is crucial. With Express Entry draw #290 witnessing a lower CRS score requirement and a substantial number of ITAs issued, prospective immigrants can leverage this opportunity to initiate their immigration journey. Stay tuned for further updates from IRCC and explore the various pathways available for immigrating to Canada through the Express Entry system.

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