ESDC published new LMIA Processing Times

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LMIA Processing Times

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) recently updated the LMIA Processing Times across various streams. This June 5, 2024 update reflects the latest statistics from all processing centers, offering a comprehensive view of the current average LMIA processing times. Notably, the processing times have decreased for the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program while either increasing or remaining unchanged for other streams.

LMIA Processing Times Breakdown

Here is a detailed look at the current LMIA processing times for different streams:

  • Global Talent Stream: 7 business days
  • Agricultural Stream: 17 business days (+4 days)
  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program: 8 business days (-2 days)
  • Permanent Residence Stream: 81 business days (+1 day)
  • High-wage Stream: 43 business days
  • Low-wage Stream: 50 business days (+4 days)

Key Insights and Implications

Global Talent Stream: The Global Talent Stream maintains its rapid processing pace at just 7 business days. This expedited timeline is crucial for employers seeking to attract high-skilled talent quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to their business operations.

Agricultural Stream: The processing time for the Agricultural Stream has increased by 4 days, now averaging 17 business days. This change may affect planning for agricultural employers, who rely on timely LMIA approvals to meet seasonal labor demands.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program: In a positive development, the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program has seen a reduction in processing time by 2 days, bringing it down to 8 business days. This improvement can significantly benefit employers in agriculture, allowing for quicker onboarding of seasonal workers.

Permanent Residence Stream: The processing time for the Permanent Residence Stream has slightly increased by 1 day, now standing at 81 business days. While this is a minor change, it highlights the continued need for efficient processing to support long-term immigration plans.

High-wage Stream: The High-wage Stream remains steady at 43 business days. Stability in processing times for this stream is essential for employers hiring for high-wage positions, providing predictability in workforce planning.

Low-wage Stream: The Low-wage Stream has experienced a notable increase of 4 days, reaching 50 business days. This extension may pose challenges for employers in industries that heavily depend on low-wage workers, potentially impacting staffing and productivity.

Navigating the Changes

For employers and applicants, understanding these updated LMIA processing times is vital for effective planning and management of labor needs. The reduction in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program’s processing time is a welcome change, but the increases in other streams underscore the importance of early and strategic application submissions.

The latest update from ESDC on LMIA processing times provides valuable insights for employers and workers navigating Canada’s labor market

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