IRCC will empower communities and develop more friendly immigration policies

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On October 31, Immigration Minister Marc Miller introduced plans to enhance Canada’s immigration policies. After consulting with stakeholders and the public, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is implementing a strategy to align the labor market and immigration system. 

IRCC will explore funding initiatives that enhance community partnerships and services in mid-size, rural, and northern areas. The strategy plans to increase digital settlement services, expand services for Francophone newcomers, and leverage investments from immigrants for affordable housing. 

IRCC will also explore enhancing regional immigration, including making the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot a permanent program and developing a new Francophone Immigration Policy to support French-speaking immigrants in minority communities. IRCC will also explore enhancing regional immigration including:

Fast Response to Global Crises: Canada aims to make its immigration system agile and ready to respond to global humanitarian crises in an efficient and equitable manner.

Empowering Francophone Communities: A new Francophone Immigration Policy will be developed to boost the vitality of Francophone minority communities while also increasing the country’s demographic presence of French linguistic minorities.

Improving the International Student Program: Through collaboration with provinces and territories, a Recognized Institutions Framework will be established, which will expedite study permit processing for post-secondary institutions that maintain high standards in critical areas such as integrity and student support.

Integrated Planning: Canada intends to match immigration levels with housing, healthcare, infrastructure, and other critical services.

Newcomer Advisory Body: A group of newcomers with immigration experience will be formed to offer suggestions for improving programs, policies, and service delivery.

Chief International Talent Officer: The appointment of a Chief International Talent Officer will improve the alignment of immigration programs with labor market needs, including industry and sector strategies.

User-Friendly Website: To help applicants easily access the information they need, the immigration department will make its website more user-friendly.

Canada Immigration aims to stabilize in order to support long-term growth

Immigration is crucial for Canada’s growth, with about 23% of the population being immigrants, the highest among the G7. The 2024 immigration target is 485,000, 1.2% of Canada’s population. Canada’s working population is declining, with the current ratio of workers to seniors at 3:1, expected to drop to 2:1. 

This aging workforce leads to labor shortages, which immigration can alleviate. This will support the National Housing Strategy, which invests over $82 billion over ten years. 

In addition, Canada, as a global leader in refugee resettlement, welcomed over 46,500 refugees from 80 countries last year, including 40,000 vulnerable Afghans.

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