Canada has a current demand for 20,000 New truck drivers

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New truck drivers

Canada’s trucking industry needs at least 20,000 new truck drivers, a shortage that poses a risk to the economy due to the country’s dependence on trucking. Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada report states that the shortage became critical during the pandemic as some drivers left and demand increased. 

With a third of current drivers nearing retirement, the labor gap could reach 30,000 if recruitment doesn’t improve. This issue is nationwide, with provinces like Ontario needing 6,100 drivers. According to the report, factors such as an aging workforce, demographics, and driver pay contribute to the shortage. 

The industry must appeal to the youth to combat this, with Trucking Canada launching a major PR effort and the Choose to Truck social media campaign.

“Without taking any actions to improve the current situation, the truck driver shortage in Canada will further worsen as the workforce ages and insufficient interest in the profession fails to bridge the growing gap in the number of available truck drivers,” according to the report released by PwC.

In 2024, Canadian workers expect a 3.6% pay increase

According to a financial consulting firm, Normandin Beaudry study, Canadian workers may expect an average salary hike of 3.6% next year. The survey also indicates that 43% of businesses are considering an extra 1% average salary increase. Industries may witness above-average pay rises including: 

  • STEM, 
  • Real Estate, 
  • Manufacturing, and 
  • Accommodation and Food Services. 

In addition, Quebec, Yukon, Ontario, and British Columbia are predicted to experience salary growth in line with or exceeding the national average, while the rest may receive slightly less. These pay raises and Canada’s top-notch quality of life make it a desirable location for potential newcomers.

Results of the annual salary increase survey were made public by the Canadian financial management consulting firm on Tuesday.

A survey conducted among over 700 organizations revealed that except for salary freezes, employers plan to increase employee wages by an average of 3.6% in 2024.

The consulting firm notes that only 2 percent of businesses anticipate freezing salaries for the upcoming year, which is a similar decline from the 3 to 5 percent average of wage freezes prior to the pandemic.

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