Canadian provinces and territories to recruit more healthcare workers

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Canadian provinces and territories to recruit more healthcare workers

Canada is working to recruit and retain health workers to address the workforce crisis in the sector. This is a shared priority between the Canadian provinces and territories in the Working Together to Improve Health Care for Canadians Plan. 

The plan includes a Budget 2023 commitment of nearly $200 billion over ten years, with $46.2 billion in new funding for provinces and territories to improve healthcare services. 

Provinces and territories have also been asked to streamline foreign credential recognition for internationally educated health professionals and advance labor mobility, starting with multi-jurisdictional credential recognition for key health professionals.

What is the Canada Budget 2023 for improving Healthcare?

Budget 2023 offers an urgently required investment to strengthen the public health care system, ensuring that Canadians receive the care they deserve and need.

Budget 2023 funds $198.3 billion to strengthen Canada’s public health care system as a whole. The funding will be used to clear backlogs, increase access to family health services, and make sure that provinces and territories can offer the timely, high-quality treatment that Canadians expect and deserve.

Included in this are unique bilateral agreements to fit the requirements of each province and territory, increased funding for the provinces and territories of $46.2 billion through new Canada Health Transfer measures, pay support for healthcare workers, and a Territorial Health Investment Fund.

The provinces and territories are not allowed to replace their projected health care spending with this funding; instead, it is to be used to improve and enhance the health care that Canadians currently receive.

The federal government will also collaborate with Indigenous partners to contribute $2 billion over ten years for Indigenous health priorities, which will be distributed through the Indigenous Health Equity Fund according to standards.


Atlantic Premiers collaborate to enhance healthcare and the economy in the region

On June 12, 2023, Atlantic Premiers came together to improve healthcare and strengthen Atlantic Canada’s economy. They discussed expanding the Atlantic Registry concept to cover more health professions, reducing administrative burden, sharing information and data, and establishing an Atlantic Working Group on International Recruitment. 

Premiers also discussed immigration and labor force challenges with Federal Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser. They agreed to work towards an Agreement to Improve Technical Safety, Interjurisdictional Commerce, and the Mobility of Certified Tradespeople in Atlantic Canada, enabling regulated technical tradespeople to work throughout the region more efficiently. 

The Government of Canada announced the category-based selection for healthcare workers

On June 28, 2023, the Canadian Government announced an initiative to invite skilled newcomers with work experience in healthcare to address this sector’s severe labor market shortages. 

Statistics Canada reported an all-time high of 150,100 job vacancies in health and social assistance in the third quarter of 2022, with 38 of the 58 occupational groupings that faced shortages between 2019 and 2021 concentrated in health. 

Employment and Social Development Canada’s Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS) predicts that health care will become the largest employing sector in Canada, with over 2.5 million workers by 2031.

On June 28, the first round of category-based selection started and 500 healthcare workers were asked to submit. On July 5, 1,500 workers will be invited to apply in a second round. This phased strategy will guarantee the program’s successful launch. Click here to continue reading

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