Canadian parents will be able to pass Canadian citizenship to their children born abroad

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Canadian citizenship

The Canadian Citizenship Act has undergone changes approved by a committee of MPs, allowing individuals born abroad to adopt their Canadian parent’s citizenship. This decision was made despite objections from Conservatives. 

In 2009, the Conservative government modified the law to prohibit Canadian parents born abroad from passing down their citizenship unless their child was also born in Canada. 

The NDP has proposed a new amendment, which would grant citizenship to the child if the Canadian parent spent at least three years in Canada, proving their eligibility. The new rule was added to a private member’s bill at the House of Commons immigration committee, which has the support of the Liberal Party.

Since its launch in 1947, the Canadian Citizenship Act has experienced numerous updates. For several decades, as long as foreign-born descendants had registered with the government by a specific age, the Act permitted Canadian parents to pass on citizenship to their children born outside of Canada to limitless generations.

For Canadians born overseas, the government implemented a second-generation cutoff in 2009. The change, according to the then-immigration minister Diane Finley, was made to prevent “Canadians of convenience” by requiring that citizens have a genuine connection to Canada.


What are the requirements for Canadian citizenship?

You must be a permanent resident, have resided in Canada for three of the previous five years, have submitted your taxes, and pass a test on your rights, responsibilities, and understanding of Canada in order to become a citizen. Also, prove your language capabilities. Depending on each case of citizenship situation, there may be additional requirements.

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