Canada introduces new economic immigration pathways

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new economic immigration pathways

Canada’s Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) offers skilled refugees and displaced people more opportunities to immigrate to Canada and continue their careers via new economic immigration pathways. 

The EMPP has launched two new streams, allowing Canadian employers to access a talent pool of skilled refugees worldwide. The two new streams are for candidates with a job offer from a Canadian employer and for highly skilled refugees without job offers. 

Canadian employers can recruit highly skilled refugees for different in-demand jobs through the EMPP. These new streams reduce barriers to access, and newcomers can move to Canada and start working more quickly

Newcomers using the EMPP will now be able to migrate to Canada and start working here more quickly because of the implementation of efficiency enhancements learned through collaboration with partners during the launch of the initial EMPP streams. Since candidates do not need to have prior Canadian job experience to apply, these new streams additionally reduce the entry hurdles.

Overview of the new economic immigration pathways

A job offer from a Canadian business is required for one of the two new streams as announced on March 27, 2023, while highly skilled refugees without job offers can apply for the second stream.

To fill a variety of in-demand positions, including those for 

  • nurse assistants, 
  • personal support workers, 
  • long-term care aides, 
  • software engineers, 
  • web designers, 
  • mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians, 
  • logistics and warehouse workers, 
  • tourism and hospitality workers, and 
  • truck and delivery service drivers 

Canadian employers can use the EMPP Federal Skills Job Offer Stream.

The EMPP Federal Skills Without a Job Offer Stream acknowledges that some applicants have skills that are in such high demand they will be able to find employment once they arrive in Canada.

Through EMPP, displaced people can utilize their skills to better not only their own lives and the lives of their families but also the communities and workplaces that accept them.

By modeling labor mobility programs for like-minded nations and improving the responsiveness of Canada’s immigration system to the demands of our economic and humanitarian commitments, Canada continues its efforts to embrace its role as Chair of the Global Taskforce on Labour Mobility.


How to immigrate through Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot?

The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) facilitates the immigration to Canada of skilled refugees and other displaced people.

You can now apply for the EMPP in 2 different ways:

1-through one of three selected economic programs

2-directly to us for just the EMPP

Three selected economic Programs include

  • Program for Atlantic Immigration
  • Program for Provincial Nominees
  • Program for Rural and Northern Immigration (RNIP)

The regional EMPP that used to describe this. Depending on the program you choose, you must first apply to a province, territory, or RNIP community and be qualified for one of the programs mentioned above.

Directly to us for just the EMPP

The federal EMPP is known as this. It has streams for Job Offers and No Job offers. You have to meet the requirements for education, work experience, and language.

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