Canada to face Increasing Job Vacancies

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Canada to face Increasing Job Vacancies on June 24, 2022, Statistics Canada published a new report reflecting the Canadian labor market. According to the study, employers in Canada were actively looking to fill roughly 1 million job openings at the beginning of April, which is up 2.4 percent from the previous months and almost 45% from April.

According to Statistics Canada, the rise in April was largely due to seasonal factors, with more employment becoming vacant in the spring and summer. The report also reveals that employment in all provinces has either recovered or exceeded the preceding numbers since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because the economy started to reopen after the third Canadian wave of COVID-19, economists had hoped that momentum might continue into July. But the job gains came in far lower than the 165,000 that was expected.


The analysis report also showed that job vacancies are continuing on a high-placed trend in the manufacturing and retail trade sectors. These Vacancies in manufacturing peaked at 87,400 last quarter, and retail trade employers’ vacancies were as high as 114,600. 


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Statistics Canada documented Friday that almost all of the new jobs came in Ontario, which added 72,000 jobs. Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island also added jobs, while everywhere else, job levels were either unchanged or down.

The number of vacancies was also at a record high for scientific, professional, and technical services; transportation and warehousing; finance and insurance; arts, entertainment, real estate, rental, leasing, and recreation.


The social assistance sector and health care saw the number of job vacancies fall to 125,200 in April from a peak of 147,500 in March, nevertheless, they were still up 21.3 percent compared with a year earlier.


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