Canada needs more skilled workers to fill jobs in the building trades

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jobs in the building trades

Canada needs more skilled workers to fill jobs in the building trades. As Baby Boomers retire from their respective positions, Canada desperately needs foreign nationals to take up the empty positions and fill the one million open jobs. Housing and Diversity Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussein insists on immigration as an essential resource for economic growth, citing skilled immigrants are needed to provide real solutions for businesses seeking workers in the building trades. 


In response to Canadians’ concerns that increased immigration leads to skyrocketing housing prices and shortages, the Housing and Diversity and Inclusion Minister disagreed with this argument. Despite the apprehension that new immigrants to Canada will inevitably raise housing prices, numerous studies have demonstrated this concern is unfounded. Many believe immigration increases demand and bolster the economy, which drives house values.


Housing and Diversity Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussein reportedly told Global News in a year-end interview, 

“We know there are over a million positions in Canada that remain unfilled, so we need immigrants, skilled immigrants, to come in and assist us to fill those unfilled jobs and help us expand our economy.”


The most common areas of  jobs in the building trades in Canada

Over 1.3 million people are employed in the construction industry in Canada, which provides about 7% of the nation’s GDP (GDP). The most typical building areas are as follows:

  • Residential (single unit, low-rise, high-rise) (single unit, low-rise, high-rise).
  • ICI Buildings (institutional, commercial, and industrial) (institutional, commercial, and industrial).
  • Infrastructure (transportation, water, utilities) (transportation, water, utilities).
  • Mining.
  • Gas and oil.
  • Although technically a part of the oil and gas sector, LNG is considered to be a separate, newly emerging industry.


Canada, the second-largest country in the world, has only about 38 million individuals, so it still depends on foreign labor to maintain its building industry. Canada jobs in the building trades are:

  • ICI (institutional, commercial, and industrial) Buildings and Infrastructure Project Directors
  • ICI Buildings & Infrastructure Senior Project Managers.
  • ICI Buildings & Infrastructure Senior Superintendents.
  • Infrastructure Commercial and Contracts Managers
  • ICI Buildings & Infrastructure Senior Estimators.
  • ICI Buildings & Infrastructure Design Managers.
  • Infrastructure schedulers.


BuildForce Canada predicts that the construction sector will need the hiring 309,000 new workers by 2030, mainly due to the expected retirement of 259,100 workers (22% of the current labor force).


In Canada, there are more than 195,000 SMEs that hire workers in Red Seal trades. More first-year apprentices will be hired due to the Apprenticeship Service, which will aid in meeting the demands of the Canadian labor market.


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