Canada Invited 1588 Candidates under the IEC Program

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IEC Program

Over the last week, Canada Invited 1588 Candidates under the IEC Program. From May 30 to June 5, Canada invited 1588 young foreigners to apply for an IEC open work permit. As of June 3, there are 21,223 candidates registered in the pool, waiting for the invitation. 

In this round, there were 152 ITAs for Australia, 15 ITAs for Austria, 5 ITAs for the Czech Republic, 387 ITAs for France, 85 ITAs for Germany, 54 ITAs for Greece, 6 ITAs for Hong Kong, 110 ITAs for Ireland, 38 ITAs for Italy, 109 ITAs for Japan, 1 ITA for Latvia, 3 ITAs for Lithuania, 10 ITAs for the Netherlands, 61 ITAs for New Zealand, 2 ITAs for Norway, 20 ITAs for Poland, 18 ITAs for Portugal, 10 ITAs for Slovakia, 1 ITA for Slovenia, 216 ITAs for Spain, 7 ITAs for Sweden, 4 ITAs for Switzerland, 1 ITA for Taiwan, and 273 ITAs for the United Kingdom. In 2022, Canada issued 82,162 ITAs under the IEC Program.

International Experience Canada (IEC Program)

IEC or International Experience Canada program allows young individuals to come to Canada and work on a temporary basis.

The declaration of International Experience Canada (IEC) is to enhance key bilateral relationships between Canada and other countries and stress the importance of improved reciprocity.

Citizens of countries with a bilateral Youth Mobility Arrangement with Canada who are between the ages of 18 and 35 may be qualified for International Experience Canada work permits.

There are the main 3 categories under this program:

  • Working Holiday
  • Young Professionals
  • International Co-op Internship

How to Participate in IEC?

IEC gives youth the opportunity to travel and work in Canada for up to one or two years. There are 3 different kinds of work and travel experiences available such as working holiday, young professionals, and International Co-op Internship.

  • If you are a citizen of a partner country, you may be able to apply to one or more of these 3 categories.
  • If you are not a citizen of a partner country, you also may still be able to apply to IEC through a recognized organization.

You will need to submit your profile to the IEC pool and receive an Invitation to Apply!

Generally, your profile will stay in the pool until:

  • You receive an Invitation to Apply for a work permit
  • IEC removes all of the profiles from the pool(s) at the end of the season or
  • You are no longer eligible for IEC

IRCC will regularly issue invitations to candidates in the IEC pools during the IEC season. 

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