Canada has the largest immigrant share of the population in over 150 years

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Canada has the largest immigrant

Canada has the largest immigrant share of the population in over 150 years

On October 26, 2022, Statistics Canada published the sixth round of the Census data report, announcing that immigrants made up almost a fourth of the Canadian population, which is the largest share in over 150 years. 


Statistics show that as of 2021, 8.3 million people in Canada were landed immigrants or permanent residents, which is about 23% of the population. 


This number has increased since the Confederation and is currently the highest among all G7 countries. As the Canadian population ages and fertility levels are below the population replacement level, immigration becomes Canada’s primary driver for population growth.


The highest percentage of immigrants among the G7

In 2021, about a quarter (23%) of the population, or more than 8.3 million people, were or had ever been landed immigrants or permanent residents in Canada, according to the report. This was the highest percentage among the G7 and the biggest percentage since the Confederation, breaking the previous record of 22.3% set in 1921.


Four-fifths of the increase in the labor force from 2016 to 2021 was due to immigration. In the same period, the number of people living in private households in Canada increased by 5.4%, with new or recent immigrants contributing 71.1% of that rise. The survey also predicts that, if current trends hold, immigrants might make up as much as 29.1% of Canada’s population by 2041.


In Canada, more than half of recent immigrants were accepted under the economic category. According to StatsCan, little over one-third (34.5%) of these 748,120 economic immigrants were chosen through skilled worker programs, and another third (33.6%) were chosen through the Provincial Nominee Program.


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