Canada and Germany are the leading countries for the immigration of international students

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Canada and Germany are the leading countries for the immigration of international students

The top two nations for foreign student immigration are Canada and Germany.

Compared to other Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations, Canada and Germany have the highest rates of immigration for foreign students.

 Nearly all of the 38 countries that make up the OECD have policies in place to retain foreign students after they graduate, according to its International Migration Outlook 2022. With the exception of Germany, none of these other nations have had as much success retaining graduates with international educations as Canada. 


The study found that more than 60% of foreign students who arrived in Canada and Germany in 2015 for academic reasons were still living there five years later.


The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 

Governments from 37 democracies with market-based economies work together in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to create guidelines for public policy that will support long-term economic growth. The OECD offers a platform where states may exchange ideas, look for solutions to shared problems, pinpoint best practices, and establish rigorous criteria for economic policy.

The OECD has been a trustworthy source of fact-based policy analysis and economic data for more than 50 years. The United States is cooperating with other members to improve the OECD’s accountability, financial restraint, transparency, and responsiveness to member objectives.


OECD Member countries

20 countries originally ratified the Agreement on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development on December 14, 1960. Since then, the Organization has added 18 more members. There total of 38 member countries in OECD


Canada joined the OECD on April 10, 1961, and Germany on 27 September 1961


The table has details of OECD member countries

Country  Date Country  Date
AUSTRIA 29 September 1961 AUSTRALIA 7 June 1971
BELGIUM 13 September 1961 CANADA 10 April 1961
CHILE 7 May 2010 COLOMBIA 28 April 2020
COSTA RICA 25 May 2021 CZECH REPUBLIC 21 December 1995
DENMARK 30 May 1961 ESTONIA 9 December 2010
FINLAND 28 January 1969 FRANCE 7 August 1961
GERMANY 27 September 1961 GREECE 27 September 1961
HUNGARY 7 May 1996 ICELAND 5 June 1961
IRELAND 17 August 1961 ISRAEL 7 September 2010
ITALY 29 March 1962 JAPAN 28 April 1964
KOREA 12 December 1996 LATVIA 1 July 2016
LITHUANIA 5 July 2018 LUXEMBOURG 7 December 1961
MEXICO 18 May 1994 NETHERLANDS 13 November 1961
NEW ZEALAND 29 May 1973 NORWAY 4 July 1961
POLAND 22 November 1996 PORTUGAL 4 August 1961
SLOVAK REPUBLIC 14 December 2000 SLOVENIA 21 July 2010
SPAIN 3 August 1961 SWEDEN 28 September 1961
SWITZERLAND 28 September 1961 TURKEY 2 August 1961


So far Canada and Germany are the top two countries in the OECD list that are the leading countries for the immigration of international students.


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