Canada Needs a Large Number of Foreign Workers

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Canada Needs a Large Number of Foreign Workers

Canada Needs a Large Number of Foreign Workers The Business Council of Canada (BCC) recently published a study that emphasizes the significance of immigration to businesses and the Canadian economy. The BCC’s 80-member firms were polled for this research, which focused on increasing the use of Canada’s immigration program. 

These organizations have about 1,650,000 employees across 20 different sectors. According to the report, almost two-thirds of firms using the immigration system are actively hiring employees. The remaining businesses employ individuals who have already settled in Canada.

Furthermore, two-thirds of companies that currently use the immigration system expect to do so for the next three years.


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Employees Across 20 Different Sectors

These 80 companies hired nearly 1,650,000 Canadians in more than 20 industries, generating revenues of approximately $1.2 trillion in 2020.

Agriculture 1
Automotive 3
Chemicals/Fertilizer 3
Consultants/Accounting 2
Energy/Utilities 8
Engineering/ Construction/Offshore Services 7
Financial 13
Food and Beverage Manufacturing 2
Food and Drug Retailers 1
High Technology Manufacturing 5
Holding Companies/Diversified Financials 3
Industrial/ConsumerManufacturing 4
Information Technology 10
Insurance 2
Merchandisers 1
Metals/Mining 2
Paper/Forestry 1
Real Estate/Property/Land Development 3
Services 3
Telecom/Media 3
Transportation/Couriers 3
Canada Needs a Large Number of Foreign Workers

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The outcome of the largest survey

  • Canada’s labor crunch
  • Skills shortages are widespread
  • Employers are struggling to fill technical roles
  • Labor shortages are forcing most employers to cancel or delay projects
  • Two out of three surveyed employers recruit workers through the immigration system
  • Employers expect to make increased use of the immigration system
  • Employers are most reliant on programs for highly skilled workers
  • Employers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their international recruits


Supporting newcomers succeed

Some immigrants face challenges adjusting to their new environment. Employers recognize these challenges and say they are committed to helping newcomers succeed. Every employer strongly believes that businesses have an important role in helping newcomers succeed. Support for employees who were recruited from abroad includes: 

  • Training – Many employers offer newcomers training support which includes language and cultural training, professional development opportunities, mentoring, etc.
  • Recognition of foreign credentials – Some employers assign recently hired employees to a related unlicensed position until the newcomer meets the license requirements of the job for which he/she applied. 
  • Relocation services – Some employers help with moving expenses and provide newcomers with temporary accommodation.
  • Community support – Many companies in the survey reported working with charities, non-profit groups, and other community organizations that assist newcomers to Canada.


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