British Columbia’s Tech Stream is the Best way for Technology Workers to Immigrate to Canada

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British Columbia's Tech Stream is the Best way for Technology Workers to Immigrate to Canada

The Tech stream of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) is a fantastic method to attract more people to a vital industry and boost an important area of the economy.


British Columbia’s Tech program is currently the most simple option for tech employees to enter Canada, as compared to other PNPs and the Federal Government’s Global Talent Stream. In order to expedite the process of bringing employees to Canada, the BCPNP Tech stream first allows them to work while their applications for permanent residence are being processed.


The BC PNP Tech stream includes particular prerequisites for employment offers. Your employment offer must be for one of 29 chosen in-demand professions in order for you to be eligible for the Tech program. The offer need only be made for a minimum of one year, but it need not be indefinite.

The applicant must still have at least 120 days left in their current position with the business if they are currently applying for the post that is being offered to them.


What is British Columbia’s Tech Stream?


When local skilled workers are not accessible, BC PNP Tech gives B.C. tech firms the flexibility to continue hiring and retaining international talent in tech jobs. This program opens up a road to permanent residence for high-demand foreign employees and international students, allowing them to contribute to the expansion of our economy and create fulfilling lives in British Columbia.


Since its introduction in May 2017, BC PNP Tech has helped more than 6,000 tech professionals in being nominated for permanent residence. BC PNP Tech works to make sure the province of British Columbia can continue to draw in and hold onto the talent required to support and expand the technology sector there.


Application Method

The BC PNP Tech program enhances BC’s immigration programs for skilled workers. The BC Skilled Worker and BC International Graduate programs are the ones that fit the Tech program the best. A foreign national must confirm that they match the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code requirements for one of the 29 in-demand vocations before submitting an application to the BC PNP Tech program. If this condition is satisfied, the applicant may start the application procedure by creating a profile on BC PNP Online.


The applicant can then complete the application process for the BC Skills Immigration program for which they are qualified once their profile has been registered. Candidates for BC PNP Tech are given several benefits when they go through the provincial nomination process. First, for qualified Tech candidates, weekly application invitation rounds are sent out. Second, applications for the PNP will be processed more quickly for applicants.

Finally, firms can use the “concierge services” offered by the Tech stream to help with employing foreign nationals through this program.


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