ESDC updated the average LMIA Application processing times

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Application processing time

On January 12, 2024, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) updated the application processing times for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) under various streams. Based on statistics from all processing centers, the current average LMIA processing times have decreased for all streams except the Agricultural stream and the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

  • Global Talent Stream – 8 business days (-2 days)
  • Agricultural stream – 15 business days (+1 day)
  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program – 10 business days (+1 day)
  • Permanent residence Stream – 76 business days (-2 days)
  • High-wage Stream – 48 business days (-3 days)
  • Low-wage Stream – 49 business days (-3 days)

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Details of the LMIA Application processing times

Global Talent Stream

With an impressive turnaround time of just 8 business days, this stream offers a rapid route for highly skilled workers to secure employment in Canada. Moreover, the processing time has even decreased by 2 days, emphasizing Canada’s commitment to attracting global talent swiftly.

Permanent Residence Stream

Aspiring immigrants seeking permanent residency in Canada will be pleased to know that the processing time has been reduced to 76 business days, marking a decrease of 2 days. This stream provides a pathway for individuals aiming to make Canada their long-term home.

High-Wage Stream

For those aiming for positions with higher pay grades, the High-Wage Stream offers a favorable processing time of 48 business days, reduced by 3 days from the previous average. This stream caters to occupations with salaries above the median wage, ensuring timely approvals for skilled professionals.

Low-Wage Stream 

Even for roles with lower remuneration, the processing time has decreased to 49 business days, down by 3 days. This stream opens doors for individuals seeking employment opportunities in occupations with salaries below the median wage.

Agricultural Stream 

Despite a slight increase of 1 day, with a processing time of 15 business days, this stream remains a vital pathway for those in the agricultural sector seeking employment opportunities in Canada.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

Similarly, with a processing time of 10 business days, increased by 1 day, this program caters to seasonal labor needs in Canada’s agricultural industry.

These updates reflect Canada’s ongoing efforts to streamline immigration processes, attract skilled workers, and meet labor market demands efficiently. Whether you’re a highly skilled professional, a prospective permanent resident, or someone looking for seasonal employment in the agricultural sector, Canada’s LMIA streams offer diverse opportunities for individuals worldwide.

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