Asylum seekers receive $224 daily for food and accommodation

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Asylum seekers

Asylum seekers receive $224 daily for food and accommodation during application processing . Canada is currently navigating a significant financial challenge due to the record number of asylum claimants entering the country. The cost of providing basic necessities for these claimants stands at approximately $224 per day per individual, covering food and accommodation during their application processing period. This financial burden has sparked criticism from various quarters, including Conservative MP Lianne Rood, who argues that the benefits received by asylum claimants exceed those available to Canadian seniors.

The number of pending asylum claims in Canada has reached a staggering 156,032. This surge has led to the Trudeau government’s Interim Housing Assistance Program incurring substantial costs. The program, designed to offer temporary accommodations and housing solutions to around 7,000 asylum claimants, has an annual expenditure of $557 million. Despite efforts to manage the influx, such as the closure of the Roxham Road border crossing, the number of irregular border crossers remains high. By the end of 2023, there were 42,387 pending refugee claims.

Since 2017, the Canadian government has processed a considerable number of asylum claims. Out of the total, 39,643 individuals have been approved as official refugees.

The financial support provided to asylum seekers has drawn criticism from Conservative MP Lianne Rood. Rood points out that the daily support of $224 for claimants is notably higher than the benefits received by Canadian seniors, sparking a debate on the allocation of government resources. 

The Trudeau government continues to address the complexities of the asylum system and the associated financial burdens. The ongoing high intake of asylum seekers necessitates a balanced approach to ensure both humanitarian support and fiscal responsibility. As Canada seeks to refine its policies and procedures, the dialogue between critics and policymakers remains crucial in shaping the future of the nation’s immigration and asylum framework.

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