McGill and Concordia Universities will continue to attract anglophone international students

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Quebec’s immigration minister believes that new rules requiring more French proficiency from international students will not negatively impact universities like McGill and Concordia. Previously, under the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), international students could easily enter Quebec by combining education with career goals. 

However, in 2019, eligibility limits were imposed, causing a backlash and a reversal of the decision. McGill University and Concordia University criticized the new rules, stating that they will attract international students despite the changes in the PEQ rules. 

The PEQ, a popular program for international students, changed in May to increase the French language proficiency of applicants. However, the reforms will exclude graduates from anglophone universities, even if they are fluent in French.

About the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

The province of Quebec runs a number of immigration programs, one of which is the Quebec Experience Program (program de l’expérience québécoise, or PEQ). Candidates who speak French well and have lawfully obtained work experience in Quebec should apply to PEQ. PEQ is one of Quebec’s priority immigration programs, therefore applications are handled significantly more quickly than they would be in other programs like Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW).

When you submit your application for the Québec experience program, you must meet all of the selection criteria. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

The Québec experience program is divided into two streams:

  • Temporary foreign workers
  • Québec graduates 

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