Alberta to Open more TV and Film Jobs

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Alberta to Open more TV and Film Jobs

The Alberta government has stated that it will be increasing its investment in the film and television industries. According to Doug Schweitzer, Alberta’s Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Innovation, “the film business in Alberta has increased by two orders of magnitude, and it is now one of the fastest-growing industries in the province.” The province has set aside $70 million for the Film and Television Tax Credit Program. The long-term aim is to grow the film sector by $1.5 billion over the next decade.

Without question, the world is a fan of Canadian talent and has seen Alberta in some of the record-breaking films and TV series.

Alberta’s TV and film industry continues to attract more productions. The provincial government is committing more funds to position Alberta for further development in the sector.

Alberta has been shown in some of the most popular American films and television series. Some of the big productions that had Alberta province as a backdrop are given below-

  • The Last of Us,
  • Interstellar,
  • Fargo,
  • Fraggle Rock,
  • Ghostbusters and so on.

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Work Permits and Visas for Film Production Companies

The Canadian government has created a work permit class to make it easier for essential production staff to work in Canada.

Film crew who stand eligible for the TV and Film Production Work Category can be exempt to do a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Who requires an LMIA? 

Many workers in the TV and film industry may be granted an advantageous process where the position does not need to be advertised. Recreation personnel may require a Business Visitor visa to travel to Canada.

There are three types of entertainment industry professionals that can be considered for business visits:

  1. Film Producers 
  2. Essential Personnel 
  3. Performing Artists

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