The Alberta AIP updated the inventory and invited healthcare professionals

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Alberta AIP

Alberta released a significant update on June 25, 2024, regarding the Alberta AIP inventory. The latest statistics reveal the current status of applications across various streams, highlighting the province’s continued commitment to attracting skilled professionals to bolster its workforce.

Current Alberta AIP Inventory Status

The updated inventory under the Alberta AIP comprises the following streams:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream: 3,559 applications
  • Rural Renewal Stream: 1,984 applications
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream: 106 applications
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream: 1,009 applications

These figures underscore the robust interest in Alberta as a destination for immigrants seeking new opportunities.

Invitations Under the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway

The AAIP has made strides in addressing the healthcare sector’s needs by inviting healthcare professionals through the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. On May 28 and June 18, 2024, the program invited 99 and 73 candidates, respectively, marking a targeted effort to strengthen Alberta’s healthcare workforce.

AAIP Express Entry Invitations in 2024

So far this year, Alberta has extended invitations to 671 candidates through the AAIP Express Entry streams. This initiative aligns with the province’s strategy to attract highly skilled workers who can contribute to Alberta’s economic growth and community development.

Importance of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

The AAIP is a cornerstone of Alberta’s immigration strategy, designed to attract a diverse range of skilled workers to meet the province’s labor market needs. By offering multiple streams, the program ensures that various sectors, from rural areas to specialized industries like healthcare and hospitality, have access to a steady influx of talented individuals.

The latest update from Alberta on the AAIP inventory and the invitation rounds under the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway highlight the province’s proactive approach to immigration. With over 3,559 applications in the Alberta Opportunity Stream and significant numbers in other streams, Alberta continues to be a top choice for immigrants. The targeted invitations for healthcare professionals further demonstrate Alberta’s commitment to addressing critical sector needs and fostering a thriving, inclusive economy.

By maintaining a dynamic and responsive immigration program, Alberta is well-positioned to attract and retain the talent necessary to support its economic and social development goals. 

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