5 best Cities to live and work in Canada

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5 best Cities to live and work in Canada

5 best Cities to live and work in Canada, For foreign immigrants seeking an excellent standard of living, a high-quality life, and the best job opportunities, Canada came in #1. Canada has top-notch education, the greatest healthcare, beautiful landscapes, and fascinating career opportunities. Finding your dream job is made simpler once you are in Canada. 

Canada has a massive land area and several large provinces. Every region includes a number of small and large cities, leaving it hard to determine which is the greatest place to live and work in Canada. For immigrants wishing to start a new life, every city in Canada offers excellent exposure.  


Best Cities to Live and Work in Canada

If you’re thinking about moving to Canada, you should take into consideration the 5 greatest cities listed below,  as they provide excellent opportunities for new immigrants to live and work in Canada.

  • Edmonton
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Calgary
  • Oakville



Edmonton, the capital of the Alberta province, is situated on the North Saskatchewan River and presents highly rewarding employment options to those who are motivated. Edmonton offers a number of exciting festivals throughout the year and has fascinating outdoor locations. 

For post-secondary education, Edmonton has a number of recognized universities and colleges to choose from. Compared to other larger Canadian cities, Edmonton has a significantly lower cost of living.

There are many job possibilities for both locals and immigrants in the developing industries of transportation, logistics, manufacturing, tourism, petrochemical, and technology.

Edmonton attracts immigrants for a variety of reasons, including its high level of living, outstanding educational institutions, affordable housing, and numerous employment possibilities.



Toronto is the place for you if you are a professional looking for a job and like to travel. The demand for a wide range of in-demand professions like school teachers, registered nurses, transportation drivers, and many more is high in Toronto. Toronto’s housing is not inexpensive, but it is accessible to important companies, has a thriving nightlife, and is home to a wide variety of cultures. Additionally, three important universities are accessible on foot from downtown.

Like many other Canadian cities, Toronto has a varied population. With about half of the population being non-Canadian, it is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada. Therefore, if you want to move to Toronto, you will probably find a feeling of community and comfort there.



The cosmopolitan capital of Canada, Ottawa, may be grateful for numerous things, including the high standard of education it offers its citizens, which ranks it as one of the greatest places to live in the country. The city is home to an extensive range of businesses, including those in the biological sciences, aerospace, clean technology, digital media, and other software-related sectors.

The city also ranks 80th worldwide in terms of GDP (gross domestic product) per capita. Additionally, Ottawa generates a sizable number of jobs each year that are appealing to educated foreigners.



Calgary, Canada, is ranked as the 47th most livable city in the world with a 5% unemployment rate. Popular with visitors is Rocky Mountains Banff National Park. For people looking for a calm area to live in in Canada, Calgary is the perfect choice due to its near proximity to nature and its resources. The largest city in the province of Alberta is Calgary, which has a 1.5 million population growth.

While the oil and gas industries help Calgary’s economy, other sectors including technology, healthcare, aerospace, and finance also make Calgary a popular place to look for job possibilities. 



Oakville is the ideal location if you want to live in a peaceful environment while still being close to the excitement of the city. It is a beautiful suburban area in the Canadian province of Ontario. Residents of Oakville can easily enjoy nature’s beauties due to the city’s location on Lake Ontario.

The city of Oakville offers the finest of both worlds. You can take a walk in the woods, explore Toronto, which is only 30 minutes away by car, or spend a thrilling afternoon at Niagara Falls, which is only an hour away.


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