2nd round of Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Stream

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Saskatchewan invited 58 entrepreneurs in the second invitation round of the Entrepreneur Program for 2022

On March 3, 2022, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) conducted the second invitation round in the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Stream 2022. In this round, SINP invited 58 candidates. 

The Highest Expression of Interest (EOI) score for this round was 135 points. The average score was 90 points. The lowest score was 80, and those applicants were invited to apply only. 

If they scored a CLB level of 4 or higher in English or French. In 2022, Province has already invited 109 entrepreneurs.

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Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Stream Future 2022 Draw Dates 

 May 5 

Province prioritizes three selection factors to separate candidates with the same score on the Entrepreneur stream point’s grid. The priorities of three factors are given below: 

1. Those with businesses planned for a key economic sector. 

2. Official language ability. 

3. Completion of an exploratory visit.

SINP Applications must be included: 

  • According to the Saskatchewan org, the Business formation Plan confirms figures in expression of interest, including at least then one-third ownership of a company in Saskatchewan, unless the investment is $1 million or higher more than that. 
  • Creation of two or more jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents if the business is located in Regina or Saskatoon.
  • Pledge to be active in the day-to-day administration of the business.

Candidate enters a pool where they will receive a score. The highest-scoring candidates are invited to submit an application.

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