British Columbia invited more skilled professionals and tech workers

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British Columbia

On June 4, 2024, the Government of British Columbia conducted new invitation draws under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). These draws are a crucial part of the province’s ongoing efforts to attract skilled professionals across various sectors, including tech, healthcare, childcare, and construction. 

Details of the Latest British Columbia PNP Draw

The latest BC PNP draws reflect British Columbia’s commitment to meeting the labor market needs and supporting economic growth through targeted immigration.

Tech Sector Draw

In the tech-focused draw, British Columbia invited 33 candidates, emphasizing the province’s priority to bolster its growing tech industry. The minimum score required for candidates in this draw was 122 points. This targeted draw aims to attract highly skilled tech professionals to contribute to innovation and development within the province.

Childcare Sector Draw

Addressing the increasing demand for qualified childcare professionals, the BCPNP issued eight Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to candidates who scored 93 points. These invitations were specifically targeted at early childhood educators, categorized under NOC 42202. This initiative supports the province’s efforts to enhance childcare services and ensure a robust educational foundation for young children.

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Healthcare Sector Draw

The healthcare sector also received significant attention in this round of invitations. British Columbia invited 13 candidates who scored 100 points in the healthcare-targeted draw. This move is aligned with the province’s objective to strengthen its healthcare system by attracting skilled healthcare professionals to address the ongoing needs and challenges within the sector.

Construction Sector Draw

In the construction sector, the province issued 14 invitations, reflecting the vital role of construction workers in supporting British Columbia’s infrastructure projects and housing developments. The targeted invitations aim to fill labor gaps in this essential sector, ensuring the continuation of key construction projects across the province.


In total, British Columbia issued 68 ITAs in this draw, showcasing a balanced approach to addressing the diverse needs of its labor market. Since the beginning of the year, the province has invited up to 3,315 candidates through the BCPNP, highlighting its proactive strategy in attracting and retaining skilled professionals to sustain its economic growth and development.

The June 4, 2024, BCPNP draws underscore British Columbia’s dedication to fostering a skilled and diverse workforce. By targeting key sectors such as tech, healthcare, childcare, and construction, the province aims to address specific labor shortages and support its long-term economic objectives. Aspiring immigrants and skilled professionals looking to contribute to British Columbia’s thriving economy should consider these targeted opportunities under the BCPNP.

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