BC expanded the BC PNP Tech Immigration Stream

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BC expanded the BC PNP Tech Immigration Stream

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Tech immigration stream has expanded to include 35 occupations under the newly created National Occupational Classification (NOC). 


Before the launch of NOC 2021 on November 16, only 29 targeted occupations were available under this program. BC PNP Tech is a program that helps those in the technology field speed up the immigration process to British Columbia. In 2021, the BC PNP issued 1,697 nominations through the Tech program, representing 27.3 percent of all provincial nominations that year. 


This year, the province issued 2,508 nominations under this program.


BC PNP Tech Targeted Occupations:

A complete list of the new targeted professions, with NOC 2021 codes, is below

Occupations TEEROccupations TEER
Physicists and astronomers 21100  Mathematicians, statisticians, and actuaries 21210
Business systems specialists 21221  Information systems specialists 21222
Software engineers and designers 21231  Software developers and programmers 21232
Civil engineers 21300  Mechanical engineers 21301
Chemical engineers 21320  Other professional engineers 21399
User support technicians 22221  Information systems testing technicians 22222
Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics 22312  Authors and writers (except technical) 51111
Other technical and coordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, and the performing arts 52119  Broadcast technicians 52112
Motion pictures, broadcasting, photography, and performing arts assistants and operators 53111  Telecommunication carriers managers 10030
Computer and information systems managers 20012 Data scientists 21211
Cybersecurity specialists 21220  Database analysts and data administrators 21223
Computer systems developers and programmers 21230  Web designers 21233
Web developers and programmers 21234   Electrical and electronics engineers 21310
Biological technologists and technicians 22110 Computer network and web technicians 22220
Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians 22310   Managers – publishing, motion pictures,     broadcasting, and performing arts 50011
Technical writers 51112  Producers, directors, choreographers, and       related occupations 51120
Audio and video recording technicians 52113  Graphic designers and illustrators 52120
Editors 5122 


BC PNP Technology: Highlights


A professional concierge service

Employers in the IT sector have access to relevant immigration statistics.

Tech job candidates receive weekly invitations

Employers in the 29 core IT occupations may quickly find skilled candidates.

Priority handling

The dedicated BC PNP Tech Team assigns tech applications for the 29 in-demand professions on the 1 business day.

BC PNP workshops and events with a specific focus on the tech industry, including one-on-one employer consultation.


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